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Lugianium's collection and stuff

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11 January
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  • lugianium@livejournal.com
Hello there!

Fenicia here. I'm French but fear not to talk with me in English. I am preparing an English Degree (third year).

I am a Pokémon collector! I collect mostly bird, dragon or legendary Pokémons. My favourites types are: Flying, Dragon and Fire.

I love vintage Pokémon stuff and I can spent hours looking for some merchandise!
I also collect cards!

IRL I love animals and I have a lot of cats at home. My favourites species are birds and wolves (+ other canines). I also love dragons ah ah.

I used to draw and write about Pokémon but I lack time for this (as I play waaaay too much).

I'm shy but I do like to talk about my passions when I can! See you around. :)

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